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Born 1/11 (lucky numbers) and raised in the heart of L.A. with two older brothers, German mom & electrician/ jack-of-all-trades dad. Her early years were focused on competitive tennis and a love of music. She spent many years as an executive in the music industry, and as a celebrity assistant, traveling the world with Beck and Nine Inch Nails. Between gigs, she continued to grow her resume, booking numerous national commercials, short films and print jobs (including a 2 page spread in the iconic Harper's Bazaar). She is also in post production on a Pilot that she wrote and starred in and looks forward to sending to festivals in 2023. She loves depicting the stories and moments of the human experience- the fragile, the poignant, the messy, the a means to connect the audience at their core. ​​

Life is living a health-conscious life in the Burbank hills with her

teenager and rescue cat, feeding deer in her backyard, action-fueled single mom vacations, and expressing her authentic self (much to the embarrassment of her teenager).  

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